ABOUT David Michael

David graduated from La Trobe University in 2016, with a growing curiosity for what the world of podiatry offered in regards to education, continual development, flexibility and travel.

Travelling: David has visited countries such as Singapore, Japan and New Zealand through podiatry. Learning and expanding his knowledge in unique ways, through various mentors and experiences within each country.

Interests: He is very interested in all things podiatry, ranging from understanding the specifics of biomechanics in any type of sport, managing, treating and educating patients with complicating health conditions and how it effects their feet, surgical intervention for those pesky ingrown toenails that just ‘’keep coming back’’ and most importantly providing care to those who just can’t bend down to cut their own toe nails. That’s why he chose podiatry, to give YOU one less thing to worry about.

Other interests: When David’s not working he enjoys long and not so romantic hikes up a mountain, taking amateur photographs of the things he loves most (food, nature, friends and family),  trying not to get his brains punched out during martial arts training. Last but not least when the weather permits he likes to snowboard or surf as often as he can.